Scorpion Pest Control

Contact us today to discuss solutions to your scorpion issues.

Green Monster has a variety of ways to eliminate scorpions including treatments and black light services meant specifically for scorpions.

The presence of scorpions in your home in Phoenix can be overwhelming. Our technicians have extensive experience in get rid of scorpion services and pest prevention. Green Monster has a variety of Scorpionways to eliminate scorpions in addition to monthly pest treatments which includes scorpion specific treatments and black light services.

Phoenix area scorpions enjoy cool, dry places.  You’ll find them climbing your stucco walls at night or hiding by your swimming pool during the day.


Bark scorpions are the most common species of scorpions in the Phoenix area.  They are a nocturnal predator that feeds on a variety of insects. A combination of black-light exclusion and monthly pest prevention is the best formula for elimination.  Phoenix bark scorpions have a fairly poisonous sting and Scorpion2are very dangerous to small pets and toddlers.


We treat with liquids, aerosols, dusts and baits to reduce the population of other insects that act as a food source to scorpions.  Reducing the scorpions’ food source prevents the presence of scorpions.  All scorpion work is guaranteed with a monthly service.

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