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Green Monster Pest & Weed are experts at driving away pigeons without mess or hassle.  Pigeon flock size is determined purely by available food, which they pick up from the ground.  Usually, when pesky pigeons have infested your roof, chimney, gutters, cornices, wall tops, gables, antennas, or fences, they are overlooking an area where food is easy to obtain.  The mess they can make is colossal.Pigeon3

If a flock of pigeons in Phoenix has easy access to food, no amount of extermination will remove them.  They simply won’t move on until there’s no food left.  The best pigeon control option in these circumstances is to remove their vantage points.  Pigeons won’t stay in a place from which they can’t survey their feeding grounds.  Pigeon spikes or netting are fully effective solutions when applied by a professional.  The spikes have a very low visibility fromclean up a distance and keep pigeons from landing on any of their favorite roosting places.

Pigeons breed year round in Phoenix, so it’s always the best time to act.  When they start flocking, they won’t go away until their food is gone or they have no place to roost.  Get the information you want and the cleaning techniques you need by calling Green Monster Pest & Weed as soon as possible.


Clearing the area of all pigeon droppings is the first step in our pigeon clean up process. We use natural enzymes to disinfect all surrounding areas. Once all areas are dry, they are ready for one of our pigeon1deterrent services.


Pigeon Spikes are used to prevent pigeons from perching on unwanted areas.  These low visibility designs make the spikes difficult to see from a distance.  


Netting is used to prevent access to pigeons in nesting or cooping areas.  Blocking the pigeons access from its protected shelter forces them to relocate from the treated area.  

Other Bird Management Options: Screening, Bait, Population Reduction, Birth Control and Repellents.

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