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In the world of pest control, bed bugs are the most challenging species to eliminate. Bed bug removal in Phoenix requires a combined effort from the customer and a pest control professional. 

Bed bugs in Phoenix are very small and elusive making them difficult to detect.  Bed bugs hide within the folds of all types fabrics, including clothing, curtains, carpets, and within the edges of mattresses. They lay hundreds of eggs within these areas and can create major infestations quickly without detection.  Bed bugs feed on blood and can cause reactions such as rashes and skin discomfort within their hosts.

Bed bugs are generally active at night but will travel and feed during the day if necessary.   These pests find their human hosts, first, by detecting carbon dioxide released from breathing, then by warmth radiating from the body. Although bed bugs are parasites, they do not live on their hosts.  After feeding, they find places to hide and congregate.  They can seemingly vanish into your sofa, luggage, between mattresses, electrical sockets… almost anywhere.  In Phoenix, adult bed bugs can survive for up to one year without food, although they will attempt to feed every five to ten days. Bedbug infestations occur quickly and require immediate action for treatment. Delaying bed bug elimination treatment has costly consequences.  The consequences include loss of personal belongings and furnishings and the possibility of contracting a disease the bed bugs carry.Matresses and pillows

Green Monster Pest & Weed guarantees bed bug and other pest elimination in conjunction with ongoing monthly preventative treatments. We partner with the customer to ensure a successful bed bug elimination. Contact us today for a free quote if you suspect a bed bug infestation is developing in your home.

Preparation is Vital to Success 

All fabrics (clothing, curtains, shoes, purses, bath mats, bedding, towels, etc.) must be removed from the property, laundered and dried at the highest temperature possible prior to treatment. All dressers and drawers must be emptied. These items cannot return to the property until 7 days after initial service is completed.

Flushing out the bed bugsbedbugs2

We apply a crack and crevice treatment with specialized products labeled for bedbugs. Then we treat the entire foundation with liquid residual pesticides. A dust pesticide is then injected into the interior walls via electrical boxes. All remaining, emptied furniture, is treated with specialized products and steam.

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