What to Expect after a Pest Control Service

After your Service

At Green Monster we just ask that you keep children and pets off treated areas till they’re dry.

  • After products from your scorpion or pest control application DRY, they’re NOT readily absorbed into hands and paws! It’s best to do deep cleaning before your pest control service, however once your pest control treatment is dry, you can go ahead and live your life as normal….. Vacuum, mop floors, and water your lawn, etc!


  • After pest control treatments cleaning pretty much stays the same, but keep in mind it should be lighter. Wipe down floors and treated areas as needed. However, deep cleaning like polishing the floor (which leaves a residue that can cover the treated area) should be done before your service for best results.


  • It is normal to have an influx of bugs come out and die after your pest control treatment for a few days. Green Monster Pest & Weed treats areas, like cracks and crevices, where bugs like to hide. Pests don’t like our treatment products and get irritated out of their hiding places into the open before dying. The size and species of bug determine how long it will take to die. Scorpions generally take a couple hours to die after products are dry.

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