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Our mission as a locally owned family pest and weed control business is to provide quality solutions at affordable prices. Green Monster Pest & Weed has over 15 years of industry knowledge, experience, and solutions to protect your home or business from pests and keep them away long-term.  Discoverspraying tech our services and see how we can help you and your family today!

Green Monster Pest and Weed utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. IPM is a common sense, environmentally responsible approach to sustained pest control that combines a variety of different methods to effectively control pests. The goal of IPM is identifying potential problems and managing them early, before they become big problems. When necessary, an IPM program might involve chemical pesticides to eradicate the problem, but the focus is always on prevention – identifying and controlling conditions that may attract and support pests. This includes finding and eliminating or reducing sources of food, water and shelter as well as limiting pest access into and throughout the structure. Our solutions incorporate three steps: 

  1. Inspection
  2. Identification
  3. Treatment of your Pest Issues 

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At Green Monster, we use the IPM approach to provide our customers with a complete solution

At Green Monster, we use the IPM approach to provide our customers with a complete solution that is tailored to their particular pest issue. Whether we are removing a food or water sources that harbor pests – or, when necessary, employing pesticide treatments, our service model is all about providing the best and most comprehensive treatment to your pest problems.

The products Green Monster Pest & Weed uses are formulated for the exclusive needs that pest control in Phoenix and surrounding areas demands. Our products and strong enough to get rid of pests, but also people friendly, pet friendly and environment friendly. All of Green Monster’s products are mixed at the proper, EPA-approved levels and are applied correctly per the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure pet and human safety, while still achieving maximum effectiveness in reducing pest populations. We also offer green organic pest control treatment plans.

Available services we offer:

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our customers complete satisfaction is our top priority. The effectiveness of our services are all backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you NEVER have to wonder about your services!

Family-Friendly Solutions

To be pest-free it shouldn’t be a choice between Pests and your health. Knowing our solutions are child and pet-friendly should easy your mind!

Hassle-Free Pest Control

Pest control should not be hard. That’s why we offer same-day treatment, free inspections and quotes, & payment options that are easy!

Trained and Certified

All technicians are highly trained and Arizona State certified pest applicators.

Prevention: Green Monster Pest &Weed’s priority is to prevent pests and weeds from becoming a problem. This may include easy solutions like: cleaning up debris, fixing watering systems, or screening house vents. Green Monster Service Technicians may suggest ways you can cut down on pest resources around your home to help prevent pests from becoming a problem.
Inspection for Pests and Beneficial Environments: We look for environments or conditions that pests prefer and will recommend changes to those to prevention future pest issues.
Identification of Pests: Green Monster’s pest management works to monitor pests and identify them to recommend the correct pest solution decisions. By monitoring and identifying pests it ensures that products being used are appropriate for those pests and only when it is needed.
Personalized Solutions: Green Monster solutions can include sealing cracks and crevices around your home, adding a new door sweep, repairing sprinklers or watering less, etc.
Tailored Treatment: Green Monster makes sure that conditions indicate action needs to be taken before recommending treatment. For example; If you had a treatment a week or two ago, seeing a single pest doesn’t always mean pest control is needed.

Green Monster’s Commitment to Service
At Green Monster Pest & Weed we understand how the discomfort of a pest infestation can turn into complete frustration if not handled properly. We want our clients to never have to experience the stress of a returning pest. We are deeply committed to taking our time and serving our clients thoroughly and professionally. Our Pest Management technicians are highly trained in the very best methods for solving your pest control issue. We promise to always focus on effectiveness. and care in each individual appointment, rather than the number of appointments we make. We do this by guaranteeing our work 100%.

At Green Monster we guarantee:

  • We will surpass your expectations of a service company
  • It’s our 48-hour callback policy. (Excludes Sunday’s and Holidays.)
  • If the pests come back, so do we at no charge*
  • When you have a problem, we’ll call you back a few days after the treatment to confirm that things are taken care of.
  • If we fail to show up in the scheduled time frame without calling prior to the appointment to reschedule, then the next regular service is free.

Note: Guarantees are included on all service agreements. Please see service agreement for details.
*Re-service at no charge must fall in line with the service guarantee stated on each service.

Green Monster Pest & Weed is an Arizona Department of Agriculture Licensed and fully insured company. Annual continuing education on chemicals and different treatments, is a key part of our company culture as we do use chemicals that could be hazardous if used improperly. Safety for our customers and ourselves is always top priority.